Changeling: The Lost

To the Changelings of the freehold of the Four Wards, and to the rest of Australia and the world,

Autumn is almost upon us once again here in the Freehold of the Four Wards. This means that it is almost time for this years Fallen Fair.

For those who don't know, the Fallen Fair is an annual gathering, organised by the Autumn Court, where members of the Courts plus estemed guests from other Courts gather to show off their discoveries in the realm of the supernatural. This includes demonstrations of advanced aptitudes with Contracts, displays of newly-discovered tokens and triffles, and sharing knowledge of unique pacts, plus anything else deemed appropriate by it's attendies.

The Fair is scheduled for the evening of Saturday the 26th of April at our usual location in the Melbourne Town Hall. All Autumn Court Changelings are of course welcome to attend. Those of other Courts who wish to attend are requested to make their desire known to their Court leader, and invitations will be forwarded later.

Those from outside of the Freehold are reminded that the issue with the Trods from 2006 is still to be resolved, and as a result those wishing to travel to the Freehold via the Trods will have difficulties. Those intending to travel via Trod will be required to end their travel outside of Melbourne, we recommend either Geelong or Dandenong, and travel via normal means the rest of the way.

There also exists the possibilty of a Hunt at this time. Most information will be made available when a final descision is made.

I remain your humble servant.

The Majordomo,

On behalf of Prince Sha'a of the Autumn Court,

Freehold of the Four Wards.

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