Noctis PersonŠ 2008 begins with a Welcome Dinner on the night of Thursday the 24th of April at [Insert Venue Here].

The gaming begins the next morning at Trades Hall with character meetings. First is Mage Path Meetings, then Changeling Court Meetings, with Vampire Clan meetings lastly before lunch.

After the lunch break is the first Werewolf: The Forsaken session, and after the dinner break is the first of the Vampire: The Requiem sessions.

Saturday begins with more character meetings, this time Werewolf Tribe, Mage Order and Vampire Covenant Meetings.

Saturday afternoon is the first Mage: The Awakening session and Saturday evening is the first Changeling: The Lost session.

Sunday is all day gaming with the second of each of the Werewolf: The Forsaken, Changeling: The Lost and Vampire: The Requiem sessions.

On Monday on have a change of venue to [Insert Venue Here] and we have graciously allowed for a sleep in, with the second Mage: The Awakening session in the afternoon, followed by the Farewell Dinner that night.

Confused by all this? Have a look at our Timetable.

With a grand total of 38 hours of gaming, two dinners plus numerous oportunities for socialising, it's going to be a great weekend.