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The Four Wards of Melbourne: City of Passions.

Melbourne has many times been described as a city with four passions, those of Sport, Fashion, Food and Festivals. Since the Changeling of a city gain their Glamour from the people around them, these Passions have effected the Courts of the Freehold.

Winter is the Court of Sport and Sorrow, Spring is the Court of Desire and Fashion, Summer is the Court of Wrath and Food, while Autumn is the Court of Fear and Festivals.

More information is available in the Changeling Courts of Melbourne documents.


The prevailing Theme in Changeling is that of find ones way home. This can be reclaiming ones mortal life, or find a new home once they return from across the Hedge.

Another Theme is deception and dishonesty, in that nothing is ever what it seems to the Changeling. While they see great beauty in everything around them, that beauty also hides the terror that could see them stolen back into the lands of the True Fae.

In this game an additional Theme will be that of the unknown. While most other supernatural beings know who the enemy is, the Changeling aren’t even sure if there is an enemy. Do the Fae want to kidnap them and take them back across the Hedge, or were they allowed to leave because they had served their purpose? Did they really escape, or are they still serving their masters purposes, all these years later?

The lack of answers to these questions should leave the Changeling confused and unsure, never quite knowing what the truth is.


The prevailing mood in Changeling is that of bittersweet, with the beauty that they see balanced by the horror they have experienced and the terror they know lurks just beneath the surface.

An additional mood is that of uncertainty, with the Changeling never knowing whether they are safe from their former Fae masters.

Preferred Character Types/Restrictions

None at this time

Venue Background

See separate Venue History and The Courts of Melbourne


Intrigue (politics and negotiation): 3
Action (combat and challenges):
     Combat: 2
     Challenges: 2
Mystery (enigmas and investigation): 3
Drama (ceremony and characterisation): 4
Darkness (chance of PC death/corruption): 4

External Factors Information

Experience Awards

No character can earn more than 8xp in one month, except where noted in the Camarilla Rules Addendum.

Custom Rules

None at this time.

Standard Camarilla Lost Rules Addendum and Australian Lost Addendum is to be used.