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In Game Invitation

In Game Invitation

The Invitation is placed in all areas of Melbourne covered by the Rules of Hospitality. It is on plain paper, and hand-written in a flowery script.

To the Freehold of the Four Wards,

The seasons turn, as they must, and so it is once again time for the Autumn Court to rule the Freehold.

The end of the month sees us once again holding the Fallen Fair, and so a number of things must be organised soon. As a result, Prince Sha'a would like to call a small gathering of the Freehold this Saturday for us to organise what must be done.

I hope to see you all there.

The Majordomo,

On behalf of Prince Sha'a of the Autumn Court,

Freehold of the Four Wards.

Out-Of-Character Information

Location: Holden St Neighbourhood House, 128 Holden St, Fitzroy.

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Public Transport: The number 112 Tram from the city runs along St Georges Road. Stop number 24 is on the corner of St Georges Road and Holden St, less than 200 meters from the venue.

Times: 1pm for a 2pm start on Saturday the 12th of April until approximately 6pm.

Characters: The venue is approved, so full character sheets will be required from now on. Those without finalised characters can bring them to the session for approval.