UniCon 2008


Games and Events

You have a bare 7 sessions to pack with events - and UniCon is spilling over with stuff to do!

Freeform Roleplaying Events

Freeform events usually involve large groups of people - more than 6, and sometimes more than 20 - gathering into one large game. Typically emphasis is on character interaction rather than dice-based gaming, and costumes are often encouraged.

Tabletop Roleplaying Events

'Tabletop' gaming has been the traditional dice&paper type of roleplaying game that many con-goers are familiar with, but as roleplaying has evolved, it has grown to include systemless and multiform games - games without dice, and in some cases even without a table.

Living Games

Something need to be said here, but I don't know what it is.

Miniatures and Wargaming Events

For those that like their games tactical, there are a selection of wargames and miniature events spanning the weekend.

Demos and Special Events

Want a break from your normal gaming - try out a demo event, or come along to one of the special events such as Baron Munchausen, or our Trivia Contest.