Mascot Mascot Hit Point Gaming News
Last Update: 2 October 2000

It is with deep regret and sorrow that we announce The Hit Point has closed!

After four and a half years of roleplaying fun, we have decided to close our doors. This decision wasn't reached lightly, but unfortunately the onset of the GST meant that it wasn't worth our while to continue.

Eventually this web site will become something else. For the moment, I'm not sure what. But it'll be something to do with roleplaying and Brisbane.

For all those who were part of The Hit Point, thank you. Special thanks to John and Kim, and Andrew and Tina for starting it in the first place, Diarmid for being involved, Kane and then Andrew for picking up where Jon, Kim, Andrew and Tina left off, and then to John, John, Michael (and Rebecca), AJ, Keith, John, David and Elaine.

So, this is the end, The Hit Point is no more... for now!