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Writer/GM Information

For Writer/GM enquiries please contact Jim Vinton (Writer/GM Liaison) via: games@conquest.asn.au

Conquest 2009 game/event information deadline: 30th November 2008 (2008 deadline passed)

New Conquest Ticketing System FAQ

Why Run a Game/Event at Conquest?

It's fun and entertaining

Opportunity to have your game/event played by both local and interstate players

Opportunity to run a game/event in a great venue and in an environment that is safe and nurtures creativity and originality

Exposure to new games/events

Exposure to other writers/GMs

You don't need to have written or run a game or event before, or even have attended a games convention to take part in Conquest. We are always looking for new writers and GMs to present games/events at our conventions.

How To Register Your Game/Event

For Conquest 2009 we are asking writers and GMs to provide us with their game details via our Online Registration (AON).

It is easy to use just click on 'submit blurb' and follow the prompts.

A summary of information requested is provided below. if you have any any questions or concerns about what you need to provide, please contact Jim Vinton.

  • Game Name
  • Game System
  • Minimum / Maximum Players
  • Player Limits: Soft (even if sessions is full players can still put their name down for session) Hard (once session is full no more players can register for session)
  • Maximum Sessions
  • Can Players makes Teams?
  • Can people volunteer to GM? (handy if you need to run more than one team in a given session or if you are running a larger game such as a freeform)
  • Event Type: freeform, TT RPG etc.
  • Adult Content: Age appropriateness of game/event content
  • Characterisation: N/A - 5
  • Genre Knowledge: N/A - 5
  • Rules Knowledge: N/A - 5
  • Seriousness: N/A - 5
  • Availablity - please specify which sessions you can run your game or event in
  • Extra Information - such information for players to prebook characters
  • Current Writers - list of game/event writer/s
  • Cowriter - select from AON registrant database the names of cowriters of game/event
  • Sponsorship - Pleas enter the details of any sponsors you have for oyur game/event including a link to a logo if applicable
  • Extra Comments - any extra things we should know about the blurb
  • Blurb Text - type in your blurb
  • Blurb URL - if you would rather link to a website that contains the blurb please provide the URL
  • Blurb Files - Links to files relating to blurb
  • Number of trophies - Conquest assigns a certian number of trophies to game/event types. Please see Awards Presentation below for details
  • Trophy Information - trophy titles
  • Blurb Status - are you ready for us to take a look to approve (Ready to be checked) or do you need to add soem more details before we do (Still being edited)

Please Note: You are under no obligation to run a game/event until your game/event is in the Conquest flyer and on the website. If you are at any point unable to run your game/event and need to cancel it, or will be allowing someone else to run it for you, let us know ASAP.

More than one game/event is welcome, but please understand that game/event spaces are limited and we strive to offer a wide variety of games and events from a wide variety of writers to players. We are happy for you to submit more than one game/event, but we may not be able to assign sessions for all of them.

Game/Event organisers need to be registered with the convention for legal/insurance purposes.

Game/Event organisers need to be represent on the Friday morning from 9am-12:30am for the Registration Session, so players can confirm their places in your game/event. If you can't make it to this session please let Jim Vinton know ASAP - if you can send a representative in your place that would be appreciated, and Jim will need to know who that person will be and their contact details.

Awards Presentation

Conquest has an Awards Presentation at 4pm on the Monday afternoon. It is up to writers/GMs to choose who they wish to give an award to and the title of the award.

Award title information is to be entered using the AON system before the convention.

The standard amount of trophies for each game/event type are:

  • Tabletop RPG: According to team size i.e. 3 players, 3 trophies
  • Freeforms: 2 per session
  • Miniatures: negotiable
  • Special Events: negotiable
  • Card Games: 3
  • Board Games: 3

Certificates are also available and amounts given are same as for trophies - writer/GMs are responsible for filling them out.

Please Note: The names and badge ID numbers of the players you wish to give awards to and the title of the awards are to be submitted to the Registration Desk at the convention ASAP, so that we can organise the trophies in a timely manner. If you are not running a session/s on the Monday, we ask that you submit all awards details to the Registration Desk before noon on the Monday (at the latest) in order to give us enough time to organise labels for the trophies.

Session Paperwork - Room Booking / Ticket Collecting

GMs need to collect room booking evelopes when booking a room for their game or event at the start of the session they are running in.

At the start of the game, they are required to collect tickets from all players participating.

If a player cannot presenta ticket they are not allowed to participate in the session and please direct the player to the Registration Desk to resolve.

Envelope with the tickets should be placed in the bag provided on the door to avoid a organiser interrupting your game to collect the envelope.

Writer/GM Support

Conquest is happy to provide support to writers and GMs by:

  • Giving each writer a limited edition 'Writers Mug' featuring the current convention artwork. Present the mug at the canteen for unlimited free hot drinks. Please note mug only awarded if game/event information is in by the deadline.
  • If you need assistance with printing and/or photocopying, please contact us and we will help as best we can.
  • Stationary supplies are available during the convention - please note these are limited.
  • If you are running a game or event and need GM assistance please contact us before the convention and we will try to arrange a GM to assist you.

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