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Registration Form

Registration Form (PDF, 124kb)

If you don't have Acrobat Reader (which you need to open and read PDF documents) please visit this site to download it for free: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat

Send your entry (with a cheque or money order made out to Conquest Games Inc.) to the address shown on the form. Do not send cash through the post - not only is it illegal, you have no legal recourse if your money goes astray!

As with both the form and AON You are able to defer payment until you arrive at the convention - please note we only take cash, cheques or money orders - we do not have eftpos facilities!

All people attending Conquest (including visitors and young children) must be registered with the convention using a Registration Form or via the Online Registration System (AON). This is to ensure that all attendees are properly covered for insurance purposes. Registration may be done prior to the convention by mail or via email (those entering via Online Registration will be required to sign a form at the convention), or in person at the convention. Players are advised to enter early to assure places in the games/events of their choice.

Conquest 2008 will be incorporating a new ticketing system to make it easier for attendees and convention organisers to keep track of convention activities.

Tickets are issued with your name badge once you have filled in/signed a form and paid your fees. These tickets are collected by gms at the start of a game/event you participate in.

If you do not hand over a ticket, you are not eligible to particpate in the game/event and the gm has the right to ask you to leave.

Below is information on how registration works incorporating this new system.

Your Details

Please make sure with both AON and the registration form that you fill out your details accurately and include at least one contact detail we can reach you on.

If you would like to recieve conquest updates via email, please select yes for 'newsletter', and if you would like to help us by volunteering at the convention, please select yes for 'volunteer.

For more information on volunteering Click Here

Entry Definitions

a person who is only playing in games/events.
If you not running a game/event, volunteering, running a stall or playing, you are classed as a Visitor and are not required to pay any fee, however a gold coin donation to the convention is appreciated.
a person who will be assisting in the running of the convention in various capacities.
Game Organiser:
a person responsible for the writing/organising of a game/event.
Full Time GM:
A non playing person who is running sessions of games/events
a person running or employed to work at a Trader's Stall during a Conquest convention.

Fee Structures

Get Wrecked Entry: A one off fee of $50 covers the registration fee and ticket fees for every session over the four days.

Day entries: A single day entry to the convention which covers registration fee and tickets for each session that day. Prices vary according to number of sessions in any given day: $15-25.

If using the form, enter the total in the box provided up to a capped amount of $50.

AON automatically calculates the registration total as appropriate to the sessions you select.

Unused tickets can be refunded by visiting the Registration Desk at the convention.

If you are running a game/event (game organiser/GM), are a trader or you are helping out at the convention (volunteer), and you do not wish to play any games/events, there is no registration charge.

If as a game organiser or trader you wish to participate in any games/events, you only pay the ticket fees.

If you are going from a non-playing attendee to a playing attendee, you will need to purchase tickets from the Registration Desk before you play.

You may claim a refund for any unused tickets at the Registration Desk.

Session Registration

In AON simply use the 'edit timetable' function to select your playing sessions, for gming session select 'edit gming timetable'.

If using the form to select session please read below:

If you intend on participating in any games/events you need to fill in the Session Booking Form on the back of the Registration Form. To do so find the title of the game/event you are participating in and mark with an 'X' in the WHITE box corresponding to the session you wish to participate in. Do NOT fill in more than one game/event per session for obvious reasons!!

Please also note the number of sessions a game or event runs for, and fill in the appropriate number for that game/event. Some multi session games/events (especially miniature games and board games) will run in consecutive sessions, and you will need to select all these, in order to enter that game/event. The grouped sessions of multi session games/events will be indicated by grouped letter blocks.

Each game/event has the total ticket number required to enter that particular game/event indicated on the timetable grid. Total the tickets of all games/events entered and write that amount beside 'Total tickets' at the bottom of the table. You are not required to do this if you have chosen the 'Get Wrecked' option.

Teams, Individual entrants and GMs

Those entering as part of a team need to write their team name in the Team Name Box provided for each game/event they wish to enter as a team (individual entrants please leave this blank). If you wish to enter a team required game/event, but aren't part of an existing/full team, don't worry - we will try and assist by adding other individual entrants to your team.

If you are entering as a complete team, put an 'X' in the Full Team Box (all members of the team must do this on their forms as well as add the team name in the Team Name Box).

If you are entering a team event as an individual, you will be placed into an incomplete team or a team of individual entrants during the Registration Session. It is therefore VITALLY IMPORTANT for you to speak with the game/event organisers in the Registration Room.

Please Note: Completing the Session Booking Form only indicates which sessions you wish to play and does not guarantee your place. We will endeavor to see that you get to play the games/events you want, when you wish to participate in them, but please understand that this is not always possible.

Conquest Merchandise

If you wish to order any satchels, coffee mugs, t-shirts, lanyards and drink holders it is preferd that preorder via the form or AON.

In AON select 'order merchandise'.

On the form mark in the quantity you wish to order, if purchasing a t-shirt also circle the size/s you require.

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