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Contact Us

President Jim Vinton
Vice President Peter Strong
Secretary Liz Vinton
Treasurer/Public Officer Django Upton

For enquiries relating to games and events at Conquest Conventions please contact: Jim Vinton - games@conquest.asn.au

For enquiries relating to the Trader's Hall and Sponsorship please contact: Chris Hirst - traders@conquest.asn.au

If you have further questions, feedback or would like to express interest in:

Please contact us via:

Email: enquiries@conquest.asn.au

Please state 'Conquest 2008' in the subject line of all emails sent to above email addresses to avoid it being automatically labeled 'spam'.

Conquest Games Inc. - PO Box 5318, Mordialloc VIC. AUST. 3195

To recieve the newsletter which provides information and updates on upcoming conventions please visit the Conquest Newsletter Info Page and provide an email address and password.

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